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Here's What People Are Saying
I'm reaching the end of Leanne's Chaos to Calm Parenting Program, and it has been so sensationally life changing for my family. With 4 children aged between 13 and 2, family life was becoming a little chaotic. My 13yr old and I were starting to argue and that's not the mum I wanted to be, let alone having my other 3 be witness to, experience this, and learn from it. Through Leanne's sessions I was able to start implementing structure within the family unit, and focus on strategies for how everyone's needs could be met. We explored Strategies for communication and as a result I was able to recognise when an argument was about to occur, and change my approach for a calmer outcome. I cannot thank Leanne enough and Highly recommend her parenting program to all parents who are wanting a calmer home environment to bring up their children. 
Leanne also was generous with her time and mentored me in regards to my workshops that were up and coming. I also learnt a great deal from her calm professional approach to coaching me in all sessions. 

Thank you Leanne, and I wish you all success in 2017 xo
Melissa Ryan
Well the first thing that comes to my mind is, everyone would benefit from Leanne's course Chaos to Calm. It has helped me understand not only my children's personalities but my own and my husbands. 
It has brought calmness where there was turmoil and frustration. I have really learnt a deep understanding of how we all react differently to situations and I learned how to navigate them for a more peaceful resolution and when I implemented the strategies taught by Leanne, it all just worked with a little practice.
There were so many times where I just couldn't understand why my teenage boys would 'do that' or 'say that'. With Leanne's explanation of their different behaviours, I was able to see how my reaction was only making things worse. Learning what to say and more importantly what not to say has been life changing for our family. I have now experienced moments with my boys that I have always dreamt of. We are so connected again and it just keeps getting better. 

Thank you Leanne, xx
Paula Heathcote
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